How to Get the Best Value When Buying a Hot Tub

Before deciding on the right hot tub for you and your home, there are various aspects to consider, and your budget is an important one. Below, we’ll look at the average price range for hot tubs and what factors might influence these numbers. We’ll also share some tips on ensuring you get the best deal. Here’s what you should know!

What’s the Average Price Range for Hot Tubs in 2023?

The initial purchase price for a hot tub can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands. Entry-level hot tubs can cost as low as $2,500, while a luxury hot tub can cost about $25,000. This wide range depends on factors such as the hot tub’s size, features, brand, insulation, and accessories. Hot tubs with larger capacities, more jets, and extra features like lights and waterfall systems tend to come in on the higher end of this range. On the flip side, smaller models with fewer features will typically cost you less. If you want an exact quote for a specific model, the best thing to do is to get in touch with a hot tub dealer near you.

Of course, the cost of your hot tub extends beyond the initial purchase price. You’ll also need to factor in the installation fee. Do you plan on having your hot tub installed in-ground or above ground? If you prefer an in-ground hot tub, you will need to hire a professional to dig and pour the concrete foundation, which can cost around $2,000 to $10,000 dollars. A simple setup for an above-ground hot tub will cost a lot lower.

Top Tips for Getting the Best Price on a Hot Tub

  1. Take time to get to know the dealer. Ask about their experience, credentials, and reputation. How long have they been in business? Are they reliable and trustworthy? Do they offer competitive prices and flexible financing options? Choosing a dealer that gives great service before and after the sale can make a huge difference in how satisfied you are with your purchase.
  2. Talk to other hot tub owners. Ask around and get a feel for what makes a good hot tub. People who have owned them before will be able to give you unbiased feedback and provide insight on various brands, models, features, and pricing.
  3. Timing is everything. Hot tubs have their peak sales season during the spring and summer months, so if you’re willing to wait until the fall or winter, you may be able to score a better deal. Also, keep an eye out for sales and promotions your dealer will run throughout the year.
  4. Check the running costs and maintenance costs. You might be able to buy a hot tub for a very low price, but if it has expensive running and maintenance costs, then that might not be the best deal in the long run. Make sure to ask about these things before making a decision.
  5. Invest in quality. Don’t be tempted to go for the cheapest option. Instead, look for reputable brands that offer excellent warranties and customer service. Quality hot tubs with strong insulation will require less energy to heat up and will be more efficient in the long run. That could save you a lot of money in the future.
  6. Carefully check what’s included in the total price. Many dealers will offer packages that include free delivery, installation, chemicals, covers, and other accessories. These can be great value for money, so do your research to compare the packages available. Also, make sure your dealer offers an on-site orientation to teach you how to operate your new hot tub.
  7. Buy local. An out-of-state dealer might offer a lower price, but you will often be responsible for delivery and installation costs. Choosing a local dealer can help you save on these costs, as well as provide support if you have any issues with your hot tub down the line.

Before looking at the hot tubs on the market, it’s important to consider what your budget might be, and with some planning and research, you can make sure you get the most out of your money. With these tips in mind, you can get an amazing hot tub at a great price.

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