How to Choose Between a Hot Tub or Swim Spa to Select the Right One For You

When it comes to backyard relaxation and enjoyment, hot tubs and swim spas are two of the most popular investments. While both options can offer similar benefits, they also have a few features that set them apart from each other. Below are some of the differences between hot tubs and swim spas so you can decide which is right for your home. Here’s what you need to know!

Hot Tubs and Swim Spa Similarities

Designed with relaxation in mind, hot tubs have jets that massage the body and provide therapeutic benefits. Alternatively, a swim spa combines the features of a traditional swimming pool and a hot tub. It has jets that create a water current that allows you to swim in place. Swim spas also have plenty of room for other types of water exercises. The intensity of the jets is easily adjustable, so you can choose a setting you’re most comfortable with, no matter your skill level. 

Both hot tubs and swim spas offer physical and mental health benefits. With either option, you can enjoy relief from muscle tension, improved circulation, and reduced stress. Plus, you can use both year-round regardless of the weather outside. Another similarity between hot tubs and swim spas is that they can be great spaces for social activities, allowing you to spend quality time with family and friends. Lastly, you can create your dream backyard with either option, adding beauty and value to your property.

Differences Between Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

To make the comparison between a hot tub and a swim spa easier, let’s take a look at some key aspects:

1. Size and Seating Capacity

Hot tubs typically come in smaller sizes that can accommodate around two to seven people on average, depending on the model you choose. The average size of square hot tubs can range from 6 feet long and 6 feet wide to 8 feet long and 8 feet wide. There are minor differences in these measurements for rectangular hot tubs, but they generally follow the same range. 

On the other hand, swim spas are larger than hot tubs and can fit up to 10 people. They’re usually around 13 to 19 feet long and 8 feet wide. Both hot tubs and swim spas have comfortable seating. However, swim spas will typically have less space designed specifically for seats in order to make room for the swimming area.

2. Primary Use

The main difference between hot tubs and swim spas is their intended use. Hot tubs are designed with relaxation in mind, while swim spas are made for exercising. While you can certainly relax and socialize in a swim spa, it provides more of an active experience.

With a hot tub, you can lounge and enjoy the various massage jets as well as the heat. The health benefits include improved circulation, pain relief, better sleep, and reduced stress, among many others. A swim spa offers the same health benefits, but it also has a current that allows you to swim in place or do other workouts, like water aerobics. You can even use other exercise equipment like resistance bands or water weights to elevate this experience and further personalize your workout.

3. Cost

The cost of hot tubs can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands, depending on the features and size. Meanwhile, swim spas cost more than hot tubs because they’re bigger and more versatile. To get the specific pricing for the hot tub and swim spa models available in your area, it’s best to contact your local hot tub dealer.  

So, with these differences in mind, how do you choose which one is right for your home? If you have a small backyard and a limited budget, a hot tub is probably your best option. It’s also a great choice if you prioritize lounging and relaxation. On the other hand, if you want something that offers more room, more exercise options, and superior versatility, a swim spa could be the way to go. By carefully considering the differences mentioned above, you’ll surely find the best option for you and your family. 

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