Award-winning Custom Pools for Over 45 Years

Let Us Make Your Vision a Reality

Beautiful Pools BUILT WITH the Finest Materials, Engineering, and Innovation

BonaVista designs, builds and services high-quality custom swimming pools using the finest materials, expert engineering and award-winning creativity. A family-operated team for over 45 years, we are with you at every step from concept to successful completion.


Inground Pools

Every custom pool is uniquely designed and built to fulfill the client’s vision and home environment.

Negative Edge Pools

Allowing water to flow over an edge as if without boundary, these infinity pools add dramatic visual impact.

Lap Pools

Long and narrow, lap pools are purpose built for swimming lengths, fitness training and crisp, clean modern designs.

Small Pools

A swim spa, a plunge pool, a unique water feature for a special garden: limited space does not mean limited possibility.

Indoor Pools

The ultimate luxury, our custom indoor pools work seamlessly within their architectural surrounding.

Commercial Pools

BonaVista creates some of the most striking pools and spas for resorts, hotels and country clubs across Canada.

Hot Tubs

A custom hot tub is the ultimate
place to rest, relax, soothe and connect.

Custom Swim Spas

A custom swim spa is ideal for smaller spaces to provide the perfect swim and fun for the family.


BonaVista has been helping clients care for their pools for as long as we have been building them. Our Customer Care Department is ready to help you, no matter what your needs might be.

Weekly Service

Pool Opening

Pool Closing

Urgent Service

Inspiration Gallery

Transforming Your Vision into a Unique Personal Oasis

A custom pool is a wonderful place to swim – and so much more. An expression of each client’s personality, it becomes a centrepiece to their lives at home. It’s a space for families to bond; a setting for fitness, relaxation and reflection; a place of beauty to enjoy and share with others.

1 Design

We work directly with each client, reviewing their landscape plans plus all available features and options, ensuring a pool design customized to their wishes and desires. Many factors are considered, including expected patterns of use, safety, security, privacy, surrounding architecture, sun and shade, and energy efficiency.

2 Build

Construction begins with obtaining necessary municipal permits and physically marking out the pool site for the client to see its placement. Then follows a 12-step sequence starting with excavation and framing, and ending with installation of surface finishes. Finally, the pool can be filled with water.

3 Service

Let BonaVista save you time and keep your pool and its mechanical system in peak condition. Services include seasonal opening and closing, weekly maintenance, water testing and treatment, and cleaning. We also offer refinishing, renovation and urgent service.